Ancient Roman Festivals and Food


When you mention Roman games, you've got to be allot more specific. For example, there are many sitting down games like chess, checkers, or even dice. There are also allot of people who also like athletic games too like football or soccer.
The Romans were amused by people dyeing for some cruel reason. They really worshiped there gods and they thought they liked the gladiator fights. It was believed religious to watch the games as also a fun and exiting experience. They would watch these kind of things in very large amphitheaters witch is known as the Coliseum. These great festivals would last all day. To go you had to get there early in the morning to take your seat. Sometimes all the seats were free, but only if there were a rich person to pay for it all. But if you had to pay, then you would get vary high were it was hard to see seats because the lower the seats to the actions, the more pricey they got. At the beginning of the show men would wear armor and fight wild animals such as alligators, bulls, lions, ostriches, and tigers from far away places. They wanted the fights to be exiting and dangerous, so they didn't feed the wild animals any food and the animals would be very hungry. Most of the time the fighter would win but in some cases the man would get eaten. After about one or twowere over, the would have a mid way break to eat there lunch. In that time, they would have dances, plays singers or even a criminal getting the death penalty. They thought there gods liked justice being done so they did something "creative" like pushing the criminal off a very tall building into his death. After they had lunch they would have one more show. That show would be a fight of man vs. man. In a not so big city it would just go until someone got hurt. But when the city got larger and there was a bigger crowd, it was to the death. Since it was to the death, they used slaves because the weren't important.


There was a big difference of the food that the rich people ate and poor people. Rich people really didn't actually care if there meal tasted good, but just that they would impress there friends by making a meal that is very hard to make. For example, one of the foods were stuff a chicken in a duck, then the duck in a goose, then the goose inside a pig, then the pig inside a cow. Then they would cook the entire thing all together. Rich people also liked to use expensive spices and foods found from thousands of miles away. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper came all the way from India.